11 Top Tips For Beginners In Network Marketing

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to a breakfast meeting with two high performers in the world of networking marketing, Rebecca and Ben. It was lots of fun and very valuable to hear so many different stories and to share tips and progress.

So I thought I’d share some highlights…

If you’re not already head over to Periscope and follow Ben Colley (@gr8tlyinspired) he’s always sharing great nuggets of information about mindset, success, business and lifestyle.

Today’s Periscope was actually at our breakfast meeting, all about energy and what we attract into our lives. To begin with Ben put us all on the spot and asked “What would be your number 1 tip to give someone that had just started in the business?”…

If you missed it here are the 11 tips that we discussed today, for those who have just began a venture in network marketing as well as those that have been in the business for awhile:

  1. Talk to people – don’t be scared to tell people exactly what you’re doing, it shouldn’t be a secret! You’ve made an amazing investment let people know about it.
  2. Perseverance – don’t give up at the first hurdle, keep doing the activity. Big activity = big results.
  3. Be Passionate – when you’re passionate it becomes infectious, share your passion and your vision with others.
  4. Have faith that it will work – you don’t know who you’ll bump into that needs your help, belief is vital. Believe in yourself, in others and in the opportunity.
  5. Mindset – if you believe you will achieve. There are so many videos, audios, books out there that you can get hold of to work on yourself! Believe it or not you’re the only one that’s going to get you where you want to be so feed yourself with positivity and love.
  6. Be confident – confidence conquers all! When you’re confident you let nothing stand in your wmindsetay, this all stems down to mindset. It won’t happen over night but work on it every day. (I’ll be sharing some of my favourite personal development resources in upcoming blogs)
  7. Consistency – do a little bit of activity every day, not once a month or year and hope it will be enouh. Be present and active, believe in what you’re doing, and do something! Don’t overthink.
  8. Know your own worth – don’t let anyone else tell you what you deserve, set your goals, aim high and run with it!
  9. Use the support you have around you – use all the resources you have access to. This business is full of people that want to help you! Don’t be scared to raise your hand and ask for help. Get involved, invest in trainings, learn, grow and develop.
  10. You are your greatest tool – Same opportunity just a different person. That’s why YOU are so important! If people trust and like you they’ll feel confident to use your services.
  11. Have FUN! – If you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right 🙂 Don’t forget to have fun, helping people and being surrounded by positivity is one of the greatest things about this opportunity, enjoy every second.

I hope you’ve found that useful, if you’d like to ask any questions about this post today please feel free to email me, healthyfuturewithcharlotte@gmail.com or follow me http://www.facebook.com/charlotwilliams