40 Minute Bake 4 Ingredient Gluten Free Lasagne | Free From Recipe

Since cutting out Dairy and Gluten from my diet in January I have stopped having my favourite meals. My Mom makes the most delicious Lasagne topped with lots of cheese and filled with cheese sauce. It was about time I did a version that Bertie (my tummy) would love, with no intolerance symptoms.

Everyone is different with what they can tolerate, some dairy I am ok with such as Yogurt, Halloumi and Goats Cheese. But if you can’t handle any of those, then don’t worry because there are other options available out there.

This dish can be completely Dairy Free if you wish it to be but, as I used Goats Cheese I didn’t want to mislead anyone, I love that you can make it what you want, I’d love to add some melted mozzarella and roasted vine tomatoes to the top next time.


Shopping list:

* One pack of Turkey Mince (less fat and leaner than Beef but is your preference)
* Tesco Free From Tomato Sauce (or you can make your own)
* Tesco Free From White Lasagne Sauce
* Tesco Free From Lasagne Sheets
* Fresh Salad as a side with your lasagne or some home made sweet potato fries, the choose is yours.


Non Essentials to add to your shopping list:

* Topping – I chose Goats Cheese to top mine but again the choose is yours, Tesco and other supermarkets do a Free From Soya Smoked Cheese that has won awards, I have tried this but, really didn’t like the taste however, it is worth trying alternatives.
* Seasoning – if you like to season then get out your salt, pepper, thyme, garlic…
* Vegetables – I love mushrooms and onions in my lasagne.
* Red Wine – to enjoy with your meal or to add some in with the Mince for extra flavour

All of these ingredients would make a large dish of Lasagne, however we packed all the ingredients into a medium dish and had Lasagne sheets left over so you may want to bare this in mind when blanching the sheets as you may not need them all.

Let’s get Cookin’…

Step one: Begin frying off the Mince meat using a little oil – I really like Rape Seed Oil but, any oil will do that you have in the cupboard – add in any vegetables you’d like in the dish.

Step two: Heat up the Free From Tomato Sauce in a saucepan and add seasoning if you wish – we added Garlic, fresh Tomatoes & Basil to add a richer flavour

Step three: Heat up the Free From Lasagne White Sauce ready for layering in another sauce pan or if you’re short on saucepans, pour the sauce in a microwave dish and microwave.

Step four: This step is necessary for the Lasagne sheets, you must either blanch them or cook them through, we blanched them for 2-3 minutes in a slightly salted, pan of boiling water and then drained.

Step five: The fun bit… layering. It’s entirely up to you how you layer, be creative or as simple as you want to be, you have all the ingredients you need now to make your perfect Lasagne dish.

IMG_2844Step six: Once you’ve layered its time to add the topping – we added some more white sauce on top and then topped with strips of Goats Cheese.

Step seven: Time to cook this beauty – we cooked a medium sized lasagne for 40 minutes at 200c in the oven or Gas Mark 6.

Step eight: Serve & enjoy with a simple salad and a glass of your favourite Red wine.

That’s it… I hope you found the instructions easy to follow, it is really simple and you can’t go wrong.

To create this Lasagne it cost me just £10.15 from Tesco’s for the ingredients and it would easily serve 4 people meaning it’s less than £3 a portion perfect for a family meal or for a dinner party with a bottle or two of red. I picked up a bottle for just £3.95 and it was one of the best I’ve tried – love finding a Bargain.

IMG_2845I used the rest of the lasagne for my lunch the next day, so it saved my on any food prep and it also saved me from reaching for snacks during the day as it was so filling and I was excited to eat it again.

So what are you waiting for? Copy and paste that shopping list to your phone notes and get creating a classic that your tummy is going to love.

C xx


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