4 Steps To Getting Your Shit Together Before Dec 2016 | Organisation

I’m not going to waste any time and go straight in with the first step:

1) If you haven’t already… Buy a Diary/Organiser!

I don’t know about you but buying a lovely fresh diary is somehow satisfying. I spent awhile looking on Paperchase for the perfect diary. I chose one at the start of the year that I didn’t get on with. So I would recommend making a visit to a few stores to find your perfect diary/organiser.

This is the one I chose…image1 (2)

Motivational quotes are my favourite, when I saw this I fell in love, the best part about it is next year when my diary has come to an end all I have to do is buy some A5 infills – so no buying a brand new diary (although I probably will ha).

There is a ‘To Do’ List, and a place to add meeting notes which I think is quite handy for those who want to use their diary for work too, there is also two blank compartments which are great for adding bespoke bits that will help you out. I’ll probably get some blank infills for general notes, recipes and shopping lists as I’m always writing lists which means I can take this where ever I go. I also bought a cool eraser pen for any boo boos I make because I HATE a messy diary.

2) So you’ve got a diary of your choice [*High Five*] what’s next…Good question, I really hope step 1 has given you that feeling that you could be on to something good here.

Step 2 is all about putting on your favourite tunes – I LOVE Spotify playlists – and getting yourself feeling good.

Grab your diary and fill in all of your upcoming events. I hope it puts in perspective how many days you have left of the year and that it really isn’t too late to make changes!

If you’re finding you haven’t got much to add to your diary – that’s cool. If anything it should make you want to plan more things with your friends and family or just for yourself. Whether it’s a massage or a gym class or maybe it’s a cinema date with a friend start organising a few things to fill your time – things that make you feel good!


3) Now step 3 is where you’re going to have to do some work.


Every now and again I like to check in with my goals to see if i’m on track, or to re-adjust. Life changes, priorities change that’s just life and therefore our goals and aspirations change.

Grab a separate note pad or use the notes section in your diary if you have one, to write a list of things you want to achieve by the end of the year – that should be easy right??

I wrote mine on Christmas Eve, and I am due an appraisal with them and myself. Things have been crazy these past few months so much change that maybe I’ve lost sight of where I want to be and where I’m going.

Saying that, I have ticked off a lot!

One of my main goals was to start attending fitness classes. They gave me so much anxiety, although I haven’t managed to go to a class in the gym i’m currently at until the end of July I have started taking Hot Yoga classes at a local Yoga Studio which I am in love with.

One of my main goals though is to have my intolerances under control – I want to be able to be 100% in control and to find alternatives so I can feel my best 99.9% of the time.

What are your goals? No matter how big or small ticking off something you’ve wanted to do can make you feel incredible, so why wouldn’t you do it?

Now, ‘a goal without a plan is a dream.’

How are you going to get there, break it down. This is where your diary is going to come in super handy.

Maybe you want to tone up and feel great for your holiday? What do you have to do? Schedule 3 workouts next week, write a shopping list, prep your food for the week and create some playlists to motivate you.

Want to go away on holiday, or want a new pair of designer shoes, but don’t have enough money? What can you do to make some more money?

Have you got anything you could sell? Schedule some time to upload some items on a selling site. Can you pick up overtime at work? Schedule that in your diary – REALISTICALLY, do not put yourself or your body under pressure.

Maybe you’re interested in looking at starting a part-time business that fits around your lifestyle? [You can ask me about that – healthyfuturewithcharlotte@gmail.com]


Taking action is the only way you’re going to smash these goals – so all that’s left is for you to get that WILL POWER to take some serious ACTION.
Yeah I’m making it sound easy, but I promise if you follow these steps you’ll be 4 times closer to a better YOU.

I hope you’re feeling excited and ready to get yourself organised and motivated for the next 5 months of the year. Life is so so short to not be working on ourselves everyday.

Here’s to being the best versions of ourselves possible.

Now let’s smash it!

C xx
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*Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored by Paperchase or Spotify – This post was my personal opinion and advise on getting organised.