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Fundraising has always been really important to me, since my Grandma was diagnosed with Cancer a few years ago I have organised various events in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Anything that supports a healthier future I’m all for, hence why I created this blog and whether it was the middle of the month or a week in to the month there is never a right or wrong time to make a difference to your health and life, you are important!

In aid of Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon (starting today, 1st September) I wanted to do a post on the benefits of putting down the drink and making a positive change that will make you feel amazing and also raise money for an incredible Charity.

It isn’t too late to sign up: Click Here to sign up for the Dryathlon.

So why is giving up alcohol so good for you? I’m sure a few of these you already know but it’s always good to remind yourself of how good you can feel by making a small change…


  • Glowing Skin – dehydrated skin is unhappy skin, Alcohol heavily dehydrates the body and as your skin is the largest organ it gets a heavy hit. It is also thought drinking too much deprives our skin of vital vitamins and nutrients and causes skin disorders such as Rosacea.
  • Improve Mental Health – alcohol can make us feel quite fuzzy making us read and respond to situations in an unusual way by not reading cues how we would normally. This can make anxiety and stress heighten and start to affect relationships and friendships with those close to us.
  • Loose Weight – did you know that drinking a pint of Beer is the equivalent to eating a small chocolate bar. Let’s say every night you have 1 pint, then on the weekend you go out with your mates and consume another 4 pints over the weekend and that’s a good weekend for you by the end of the week you may as have eating 11 chocolate bars. Imagine cutting that out for a whole month?
  • More Money – oh thought you’d like this one. So I’m not saying you shouldn’t go out and enjoy yourself you still can! Just swop your normal pint for a soft drink and I’m pretty sure you’ll have more money in your wallet or purse at the end of the night.
  • Raise money – if you’ve been thinking of ditching the drink for awhile now but have been looking for that push then this is it! What better way to quit than this… Cancer Research UK are hosting a dryathlon month for September ( starting today) so go ahead and sign up and raise money for an awesome charity:  Sign Up Here.  Why not carry on the good deed with another month and supporting Macmillan in their Go Sober for October challenge: Sign Up Here 🙂
  • No More Hangovers – hangovers suck. I don’t drink often but when I do I get a delayed 3 day hangover that decreases my productivity and makes me feel like s***! Yeah the night was fun but we can still make amazing memories without alcohol being involved. Bye hangovers.
  • Decrease Your Risk Of Cancer –  this post isn’t here to scare you it’s more to raise your awareness of what could happen if you consume excessive amounts of alcohol on a regular basis. FACT: Alcohol can cause 7 different types of cancer. Stripping your alcohol intake back is just the start of looking after your body and health and isn’t the only cancer causer but it contributes to the risk.
  • Better Sex – YES! Anything that means better sex has to be good right? I’m going to let you research that one 😉
  • More Energy & Improved Sleep Harvard Health Publications actually did a study on this, alcohol causes the body to create epinephrine which is a stress hormone that increases the heart rate and stimulates the body which can cause interrupted sleep.  Sleep is everything people!
  • A Happier Healthier You – This is my most favourite point, a healthier you is a happier you.


Good luck on your mission and let me know how you get on.

I’ll be supporting my friend and helping to raise lots of money for Cancer Research UK! 

Bring on September 🙂

C xx

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Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be a doctor or physician, all diet decisions should be a personal choice and should be discussed with your health care practitioner or doctor, this is just advice and motivation to make positive changes in your life. Reference Links: https://www.drinkaware.co.uk/http://stopdrinkingalcohol.com/30-great-reasons-quit-drinking-alcohol/3/