My Gousto Box | Review

We all want to come home at the end of the day and have something easy to cook that’s on the healthy side which isn’t something that goes PING!

When I was wandering around the stalls at the BBC Good Food Show Summer (which I won Free tickets for on Twitter) one of Gousto’s sales men pulled me and my friend over.

Now my friend is a Chef and to be honest he looked at me as if to say ‘Are you really interested in this?’ and the fact I knew he wouldn’t be around to help cook with me just made me want to give it a go anyway just to show him I do have some skills in the kitchen.

I explained to the sales man that I had a Gluten and Dairy intolerance and he reassured me that the options I would choose would be free of those allergens so I felt assured that I was making a good decision.

So I signed on the dotted line… and I didn’t feel too bad giving the man £17.50 for a box that would sort me with 6 meals for the week.

I had been looking at Hello Fresh a few months back and told my other friend who had just moved out of his Mom and Dad’s house about it. He ordered it and OMG he could not follow the instructions.

Now to be honest he is not the best at cooking, and his fridge most times I visit is mostly made up of Beer, a pack of butter and some Muller Corner yogurts because he’s obsessed with them. So that put me off as one of the meals I had a go at cooking and although, if I say so myself it turned out rather well I could see why my friend was not getting on with it and as you probably had guessed neither of us purchased it again.

image3So my box was scheduled for the following Saturday which in all honesty I had forgotten about as I was at work, but Mom had signed for it not realising it was Food and put it on my bed – rolls eyes.

Anyway luckily it comes in a cool bag which is made out of real sheep wool which is a modern day invention for keeping things cool.

I thought this was very innovative and it’s always nice to open something and be pleasantly surprised, which I was.

The box it came in had lots of writing on it, with cool tips and really reminded me of Innocent, I love that sort of approach when companies try and be funny and informative as well as quirky, they also added a little tote bag in too which I thought was a nice touch.

I then moved on to the recipe cards to see what I had actually picked as the sales process at the show was quite rushed and I did just want to get on and look around – as you do.

So the first recipe was… Smoky Mexican Halloumi with Black Beans.

I made this on the Monday but HOLD IT THERE. The first ingredient was wait for it… ‘Bulgar Wheat’ which obviously contains Gluten. Hmmm… so I had to skip that and make the rest which I was sure would be filling. Everything else was okay to eat and it took me just over the suggested time (which was 30 minutes) to make it.

Just to put it out there good quality Halloumi is made from Goats and Sheep’s Milk which I’m ok with according to the Kinesiologist I saw and I don’t really get tummy upsets from it and I can say it was Bertie Approved (that’s my tummy’s name – Bertie read my Bio if you want to know why ha).

This is what it looked like:image2

It didn’t really look like the picture but it tasted good and I put half in a tub which I ate the next day as the meals are designed for two people.

The second meal I cooked was on the Friday – yep the ingredients lasted that long! It was the Mexican Pork & Black Bean Rice I made this for me and my unskilled cooking friend. He ate every last bit of it! I nearly fell off my chair. I thought it was tasty and had lots of flavours, I wouldn’t have it again in a rush but it was easy to make and I liked adding different flavours and using Coriander and Cumin. I also learned a new skill with adding the rice in with the meat and boiling water I’d never made a meal like that before so it was interesting. It was also Gluten and Dairy Free and Bertie seemed to be happy with this one too so I was happy.

This is what it looked like with some added treats…

image1As you can see this one looks a little more like the picture I wasn’t really trying to present it nicely I was super hungry but I wanted to record it so I could add a picture to this post.

[Thats the problem with food photos sometimes I’ve already taken a bite and then I’m like WO STOP you forgot to take a picture!]

The third meal… I haven’t created to be honest I fell out of love with the meals way too quick, I felt a bit misled by the fact I was assured they were Gluten and Dairy Free when in fact two out of the three meals were not and maybe I should have checked but, I did make them aware and I’m sure if you too suffer with intolerance’s you’ll know full well how you really DONT want to make a fuss or seem awkward. Anyway the chicken is in the freezer now I’ll reuse that and I still have the sweet potatoes lurking in the fridge. It was going to be Dean Edwards’ Chicken with Hasselbacks.

This had Couscous in it which again contains Wheat and from the picture it looks as if it makes up a major part of the meal.

OH WELL… you live and you learn hey! Overall I don’t regret ordering it, it made my life exciting for about 5-10 minutes whilst unboxing it. I think it’s a great idea if you have the time and patience and you like cooking. If you have intolerances just double check all the ingredients and maybe don’t buy from a show.

Hope this has helped anyone thinking about ordering the Gousto box – it was my honest opinion, I would probably buy again in the future possibly when I have my own house as I prefer to cook with or for other people, if I’m cooking for myself I just like to do something quick and nothing too fancy.

Have you tried a Gousto box before? what did you think? Or have you tried something similar I’d love to know as it’s always nice to try new things that could potentially work for my routine or someone else’s.

C xx

P.S Maybe you want to give it a go now go check them out at 🙂

* P.S.S Disclaimer: This post is my honest opinion of the Gousto box I payed for and is not associated with Gousto :)*