3-Ingredient Gluten & Dairy Free Perfect Pancakes | Recipe

Lets picture the scene… you’re starving, you’re thinking I could just raid the sweet cupboard right now. If you’re anything like me this happens a couple of times a month when I get INTENSE cravings.

Luckily, my ‘Chef Friend’ is very supportive of my intolerances and he’s always coming up with different recipes for me to try and tackle these cravings. I haven’t tackled the ‘Cookie’ yet but that time is coming! Cookies are my guilty pleasure, but pancakes are filling that spot right now.

So are you ready, they are super simple and I urge you to try them ASAP! Literally 3 ingredients – Simple – I LOVE simple.

A HUGE misconception is that most things Gluten or Dairy free can’t be bought or is SUPER expensive in your local supermarket – well it CAN and it’s really not that much more if not the same. Head to the Free From section for the flour and the milk where you’d normally get dairy milk from. I feel I’d rather spend an extra couple of pennies on something that isn’t going to irritate my stomach for days after.

What you’ll need: image1 (1)

  • Gluten Free Flour
  • Eggs
  • Dairy Free Milk

In this recipe I used Doves Farm Plain White Flour but you can use any alternative. I also used KoKo Dairy Free Coconut Milk but any alternative is fine – my favs are Almond and Rice Milk. I also always try and use Free Range Eggs as I don’t support caged hens and I feel it’s more ethical as I choose to eat eggs.

What you need to do: 

  1. Measurements all depend on how many you want to make, I would start with a cup of Flour and a cup of Dairy Free Milk and add 2 or 3 eggs and mix all of these together. Add a table spoon of sugar and a sprinkle of salt to your taste.
  2. Add some oil in a frying pan and let this heat up I use Bennett & Dunns Rapeseed Oil as it’s grown locally in Shropshire and it was highly recommended by my friend who uses it in the restaurant he works in.
  3. Create the pancakes – it’s all down to your preferences if you like large pancakes add enough mix to the pan to create a large pancake or if you prefer smaller pancakes add less mix – SO EASY.
  4. Serve with your favourite type of Topping – I love Hilltop Raw Honey and bananas with a little sprinkling of cinnamon but these taste good with any type of topping – I’m also loving Raspberries at the moment but I want to try maple bacon on top – YUM!

And that’s it…
image2 (1)


No excuses, now get creating your Perfect Pancakes…

I’d love to see your creations – tweet me at @charlotwilliams

C xx