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It started off with watermelon & mint infused water and ended in Afternoon Tea, Rookery Hall was the dreamy getaway that i’d been needing for so long.

As we pulled up to the long drive towards the hotel we took a right turn to park outside the Spa entrance. It took us just over an hour and I even managed to beat the Sat Nav (Love that feeling).

We were greeted by the spa receptionist who showed us to a booth where another member of the spa team came over with some infused water and some forms including my fav the Lunch menu. I was a bit apprehensive as we’d explained about my intolerances several times on the telephone before our visit.

Not to my surprise, they had no record of my intolerances. So I called the lady over to ask what I could have as there were very limited choices on the lunch menu. There’s only so much you can ask to change. Having worked in several restaurants and being so close to a chef myself I know how annoyed they get when they are asked to change the menu .

Luckily there was a gluten free Lemon Chicken Pasta dish which was Gluten free and Dairy free so I opted for that and the Tomato soup to start.

Happy with our choices and all health forms filled in we were taken on a tour around the spa and health club.

It was a brief tour but, we found our bearings fairly quickly (although the changing rooms had been swopped over for maintenance and I was on a mission to find the gym, which we didn’t even use in the end) and were excited to get into the pool area which we could see through the windows looking on from the reception area.

I opted for my new Black swim suit which I picked up from ASOS it was either that or my Black bikini which is also from ASOS. Yeah I like black and I like ASOS.

The pool area was so warm, it was amazing, I reserved a bed by the pool and took a shower which wasn’t so warm haha and hopped into the sauna whilst I waited for my friend.

I had my eye on the Hydrotherapy pool as I’d been suffering with a bad neck for a few days. One pet hate of mine is going to a spa and the Hot Tub or Jacuzzi isn’t hot, my old gym always used to let me down, literally a Hot Tub/Jacuzzi should be at least WARM!

Rant over… the hydrotherapy pool did not let me down. That feeling of warmness was incredible and the waterfalls soothed my neck and I was already feeling more relaxed.

As this point it was nearly lunch time so we grabbed our towels and gowns and headed to the cafeteria area where the cutest table was set up for us.


I loved this little idea of having our names on a plaque, touches like this make a stay memorable.

A waitress soon came over who asked us for our drinks, she seemed very attentive and was soon back with my hot water and lemon, shortly followed by our starters.

Tomato soup with Gluten and Dairy free bread. Yumm… although they obviously don’t get many people asking for the GF bread as it had obviously been defrosted as it was damp but I didn’t let that put me off tucking in.


I was so ready for the Lemon Chicken Pasta dish, I’d fancied pasta for ages and couldn’t wait to indulge. Although it looked delicious, it wasn’t very inventive however, the Chicken was cooked well with the skin. I love skin! I’m the type of person that loves the fat on steak and loves the skin. We all need some fat. I feel so bad saying it because I have tried to give up meat and although I try and get balance and have a few meat free days a week, when I do have good meat I really enjoy it.

After lunch we headed to the relaxation room before our 1.30pm treatments. We managed to get a bed and quickly relaxed and let our food go down.

After 30 minutes of pure relaxation I headed to the treatment waiting area, to be honest I get really nervous before a massage. I know this is weird but I HATE them as much as I love them. They make me feel sick – does anyone else feel like that? Someone pressing on your sore muscles, maybe it’s because i’m so tense, but the cracking noise when they get the knots out – EWWW! Can’t deal with it. But it’s all worth it.

The room was cold but the therapist made me feel very comfortable and we got talking about intolerances believe it or not. It was over pretty fast as she finished with some cold gel to help with the soreness in my neck and shoulders that left me feeling relaxed.

As I left the room the lady handed me a sorbet that tasted heavenly.

I was happy that I had my treatments together because I wanted to get back to the relaxation room to chill out. My next treatment was a foot massage, I’ve never had a foot massage at a spa before so I was intrigued.

The beautician led me to a beautiful open room with the light beaming through, I normally hate natural light it makes me feel so exposed and that’s when I find imperfections on my body and face but this was just beautiful. The beautician was young and we got chatting about holidays and how she’d just been away on two holidays on her own.

It got me thinking about how much I rely on other people, and the fact that I stop doing what I want to do because people let me down, it was nice to hear from someone who has actually travelled on their own how much it had helped her grow and become independent and it’s now made me feel less scared to go and do the things I want to do on my own.

So as well as a lovely foot treatment I got some great advice and some motivation to conquer one of my fears – don’t you just love meeting new people that open your eyes!

After my treatments I went back to the relaxation room to read my book and wait for my friend. I’m reading Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba at the moment – I’m an on off reader, I don’t get much time in between working, working out and eating ha, sounds like an excuse but as soon as I’m in bed I’m asleep.

I’m really enjoying it, it’s filled with influential women who have been there and done that and they are passionate and motivated – I LOVE THAT, I need more of it in my life. This book certainly makes you think about how you can be better and that’s what I like because improving yourself is never a bad thing.

At this point in the day it was coming up to 3.30pm and we had dinner reservations at 7.30pm so we decided we’d pack up from the spa and check in at the hotel.

The sun was out and we lugged our bags a few yards over to the hotel where we were greeted by a friendly man who checked us in and we were then shown up to the March Suite. It had a beautiful view looking out on to miles of green landscape.

We thought it would be a good idea to have a stroll around the grounds as the sun made an appearance and grab a drink. So we headed out…



After a quick wander around we headed to the bar, quickly we became fond of the quirky barman who shared many experiences from his London days and got chatting with my friend who had also lived in London for a few years.

Can I just say their Gin collection is incredible. The one above ^^ caught my eye literally was this made for me?? Williams Gin and served with Grapefruit – HELLO, where have you been all my life?

After a drink in the sunshine we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner, after running the shower for a few minutes we noticed the water wasn’t draining properly. So we rang down to reception and they sorted it immediately, we had the option to move to an upgraded room. To be honest when hotels say ‘upgrade’ I thought oh no what if it’s worse than this room.

I’m so glad we said yes, the room was beautiful. The bed was huge, with a second room with a coffee machine and huge wardrobe that lit up. The bathroom had a standing bath, waterfall shower and a his and hers sink.

IMG_2932IMG_2933IMG_2928IMG_2929IMG_2934 Gluten Free Macaroons and a handwritten letter were a few extra touches that just added to our fantastic stay.

Soon it was time to head down to dinner, after actually having time to chill out and get ready in a fluffy gown.

We had the choice of a set menu that was built in to our room price or we could upgrade to the Al a Carte menu for around £15. Both of us being foodies were drawn to the Al a Carte option, the restaurant currently holds 2 Rosettes so we were exciting by the high standard of food.

Included in the Al a Carte option was an Amuse Bouche which was Parma Ham, Semi-dehydrated Tomatoes, Micro Herbs & Olive Paste, my friends was served with a Crouton and mine was served on its own.

For Starters we opted for the Duck Roulade and the Pigs Head which I was excited to try! I couldn’t wait to see what the Pigs Head came out like.

They came out looking well presented and were very tasty, followed by our chosen mains which also didn’t disappointment. You can not go wrong with a good cut of juicy beef, I always have mine Medium/Rare, how do you have yours?

My chef friend who can be critical really enjoyed his, he sad it was well cooked and the balance of flavours were very good.

I really didn’t know how I was going to finish off the last course, but somehow we both managed it. Desserts are the hardest for me these days, with everything containing dairy, luckily they had meringue on the menu so they adapted the dish to suit my dietary requirements.

It was gorgeous and I was left feeling very satisfied.

Amuse Bouche – Served before the Starter
Confit duck roulade, celeriac remoulade, marinated beetroot – Starter (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)
Pig’s head, cheek, tongue, crispy skin, sage & onion croquette, medjool date puree
Fillet of beef, traditional accompaniments (Gluten & Dairy Free)
Gluten Free Onion Rings
Beef Wellington, bourguignonne garnish, merlot jus
Dark chocolate fondant, pistachio ice-cream, clementine
Meringue and Jelly Fruits

Overall the staff were excellent with my intolerances, apart from when my main came out and there were these beautiful crispy onion rings on my plate. I was skeptical, they looked too good to be gluten free… the kitchen had made an error and the waiter took them off my plate and replaced them with the ones above ^^.

That’s the only part that let it down to be honest. I just wish restaurants would take it more seriously I understand errors happen but I couldn’t have been more clear and the restaurant wasn’t busy.

Oh I also had a Williams Gin – so YUMMY.

After all that food there was only one place I wanted to be, in that big bed snuggled up.

I woke up early in the morning feeling rested and was looking forward to seeing what options they had for breakfast. I didn’t want any more bread and all that tickled my fancy was a gluten and dairy free blueberry muffin – all the sugar.

Then the waiter took our breakfast order, I honestly couldn’t choose, my friend opted for a full english, but I knew I couldn’t have the sausage or black pudding so I just went for some boiled eggs and fried mushrooms. It was yummy, no complaints.

One of the main reasons for our visit to Nantwich was for my appointment in the town at The Skin Health Spa for my chemical facial peel which had been planned for a few weeks. I’ll share the link to the post I did on my peel once it’s up.

I headed to my appointment and left my friend in the room as we had been given late check out. After my appointment I couldn’t go back in to the spa as I couldn’t have any extra heat on my face, I couldn’t go in the gym either so it kind of ruined our plans.

When I came back to the hotel everyone was in darkness due to a power cut, I headed back to the room to tell my friend that we had to find something else to do, so after packing our stuff we headed down to reception to check out.

We were told that they were trying to get the power back on asap, it meant no wifi which meant we’d actually have to talk to each other haha.

The day before I’d noticed a stack of board games so I randomly suggested – “fancy a game of Monopoly?” to my surprise he was well up for it.


It was so nice to do something without our phones, another touch that makes this hotel worth visiting.

It was fast approaching 2.30pm – I’d booked me and my friend Afternoon Tea as he had never had the delight of trying it although he’s a Chef. We asked if our table was ready and they asked if we wanted to take the board game in with us too, we jumped at the chance and they then asked us to wait whilst they moved us to a bigger table. At this point the power had come back and we weren’t even bothered we could now access the wifi.

I didn’t know what to expect, I’d had the most amazing gluten and dairy free Afternoon Tea in The Town Hall in Manchester, I thought this would be as good. Unfortunately the waitress couldn’t even tell me what was on my Stand. This was a bit disappointing but I didn’t let it ruin my late lunch. We carried on with our game and indulged in all the cake and carbs with a rich black coffee.

Our break away was coming to an end and I was actually sad to be leaving.

Our package was £167 per person which included Spa & Wellness Centre Access, Two Beauty Treatments, 2-Course Spa Lunch, an overnight stay in the Hotel, a set 3 Course meal in the Hotel’s Restaurant (we opted for the Al a Carte for an extra £15 each) and Breakfast. We also chose the Tradition Afternoon Tea which cost us £43 for both of us.

I would definitely return to Rookery Hall and highly recommend to friend, family and you for a Romantic overnight stay with your loved one or a spa weekend with your Best friend or Mom. It’s a beautiful tranquil destination with friendly, attentive staff, great food and lots to do.

I wouldn’t go back for the afternoon tea but I would most definitely look at choosing a Hand Picked Hotel in another location as we had such a memorable stay with some lovely touches.

Check out their website here… www.handpickedhotels.co.uk/rookeryhall

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you’ve visited a Hand Picked Hotel before.

Star Rating for Rookery Hall:

Service ☆☆☆☆☆

Intolerance Friendly ☆☆☆☆

Rooms ☆☆☆☆☆

Value for money ☆☆☆☆

Cleanliness ☆☆☆☆☆

C xx


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